Colorado Access and Vital Data Technology Announce Partnership

Colorado Access and Vital Data Technology Partnership Announcement

Colorado Access, a non-profit health care company serving Coloradans for more than 25 years, announced a partnership with Vital Data Technology (VDT), a data science-driven healthcare solutions leader, to improve the acquisition, processing, and utilization of data for their quality improvement initiatives. Colorado Access contracts with the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing, a department of the State of Colorado, to provide comprehensive healthcare products and services to Health First Colorado (Colorado's Medicaid program) and Child Health Plan Plus beneficiaries.

Colorado Access is driven to improve member's health outcomes and better measure success by using standardized, nationally recognized metrics. “We have partnered with VDT to enhance data-drill-down capabilities of critical utilization trends and enhance collaboration with providers by supplying performance data, ultimately improving member's health and well-being,” said Mika Gans, Director of Quality Improvement for Colorado Access.

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